Painting of my country river...

Here i paint a village landscape.Though i am not completely satisfied with my new painting.But as an amatuer painter i tried to do something here.

This painting is about a village sorrounded by water.....may be this is the time of rainy season.In my country villages are flooded with rain water as ours is a rivereign country.Then boat is becoming the only transport.
that is what i try to paint here.

Wonderful solar eclips

last 22 july we the people of asia got the special opportunity of observing a gorgeous solar eclips.Earthlings won't see another solar eclipse like the one that darkened Asia lastmonth for another 123 years, but that's soon enough for some. Millions ventured outside to enjoy the six-minute plus blackout, with astronomy experts gathering in Shanghai (which reportedly offered the "best views"), Japanese party planners setting up a music festival for the occasion, and passengers chartering a plane in India for a closer view. The prospect of being submerged in darkness, though, unleashed old superstitions, as some shut themselves indoors, cleansed their sins in the Ganges River, or prayed against bad omens. The event may have come and gone, but video and photos abound.

These are some beautiful photos of sollar eclips which i collects from net .

my new wall hanging

i made a new wall hanging.this one is my favourite.i use white cloth for it.i added some rose using different colour.and some beads at the end of my work.i think i should make it using some different colour in next time.this types of works are very attractive.but in Bangladesh these types of products are not so available .so i was a bit worried how it will looks after finishing.but i think its not bad .isnt it?