Decorative wine bottle

Hello everyone.Today i want to share with u my new made decorative wine bottle.Actually i dont have any idea how these wine bottles are looks like.i just make it from my imajination.

Anyone can make it with clay .But here i use ceremic.after giving its shape i just leveling it by a small white paper writing some dotted line so that it looks like original.
And at last i just add some black poster colour on the top of the bottle to make its cap.

Earring holder

This is one of the tiny little jewelery organizer i have made.I made this box with jute rope.Taking a long rope i just gluing it following a circle shape.

I saw this kind of organizer in a crafts shop.i just love it for its tiny size.Coming back to my home i am trying myself to make that kind of box and i succed.

Now i am working on changing this box's work is almost finished.
i will definitely show my new work after finishing my box.till then goodbye............