my new wall hanging

i made a new wall hanging.this one is my favourite.i use white cloth for it.i added some rose using different colour.and some beads at the end of my work.i think i should make it using some different colour in next time.this types of works are very attractive.but in Bangladesh these types of products are not so available .so i was a bit worried how it will looks after finishing.but i think its not bad .isnt it?


Silent Music said...

আপনি কি জানেন বিলাতে এই জিনিষের দাম কত? আমি জানি। আরও জানি আমাদের দেশে এই ধরনের অনেক শিল্প আছে তবুও আর একটার জন্য চেষ্টা করা যায় না?

rumki said...

na ami janina koto dam?ami sompurno nijer chestay ata koreshi.asha kori infuture i can made better than what do u think should i start my own business in ribbon embroidery?hahaha

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