Ribbon embroidery work

I am always fascinated by ribbon embroideried work.They are always lovely.I tried to do some .Today i show one of my ribbon work which was done for my sister.She always loves my work and inspired me a lot.Love u sis.

Painting-abstract oil painting

Usually i draw landscape painting but this time i tried to draw something different and try to draw an abstract painting.I dont get much pleasure drawing this types of painting.

This is an oil painting.It doesnt take much time to draw.

plastic moulding

This is one of my initial works of plastic.This plastic showpiece was an inspiration of one attractive showpiece which was brought by my uncle.I thought i should try to make one like this.And i made it.

Here i made a telephone,a watch and a lampshade and a letter lying lampshade.And there are some books ,I wrote my name on this book.Thats it...........

Another tiny mug

I have made another tiny mug.I made it for one of my favourite bloggerhttp://mothermark.blogspot.com/.This tiny mug is of the same size as my previous mug.
The only differece is black colour.


Recently I have learned about quilling .It is a very nice creative work.I am completely a new quiller.So my work is not so good.

This is my first quilling work.i hope i will be able to make some good quilling products.Hope for the best.


This is a watercolour painting.The scenery which i drawn here is all about my native landscape.I just love those paintings of my countries landscape.Here i tried to draw such one.

Decorative wine bottle

Hello everyone.Today i want to share with u my new made decorative wine bottle.Actually i dont have any idea how these wine bottles are looks like.i just make it from my imajination.

Anyone can make it with clay .But here i use ceremic.after giving its shape i just leveling it by a small white paper writing some dotted line so that it looks like original.
And at last i just add some black poster colour on the top of the bottle to make its cap.

Earring holder

This is one of the tiny little jewelery organizer i have made.I made this box with jute rope.Taking a long rope i just gluing it following a circle shape.

I saw this kind of organizer in a crafts shop.i just love it for its tiny size.Coming back to my home i am trying myself to make that kind of box and i succed.

Now i am working on changing this box's design.my work is almost finished.
i will definitely show my new work after finishing my box.till then goodbye............

oil painting- landscape

last couple of days i hv tried to paint something special ,something new but i couldnt manage ample time to paint.Always remaining busy with blogging.Here in this post i want to share with u my new painting. I like this painting.I just copied this painting as i liked this one.I forgot the name of original painter.All of that painter's painting inspired me a lot.

Here is my painting.i am an amatuer painter so i think those mistakes which i have done in it during drawing might be forgiven by u all.

glass paint tutorial

Here i post some of my glass paint work.To make these kinds of paintings we need some materials....

1.One piece of glass.

2.Some glass paints which are available in market.

3.A reference drawing .

4.foel paper.

At first taking the glass piece u have to set the reference drawing under it. then copy that drawing by pen on pencil or u can directly use glass paint on it.First u have to paint the outline and let it dry .when it dried completely then add colour on it.thats all.for adding more gorgeousness u can add some glitters on it.At last add a foel paper on the backside of the painted glass piece.Now it is complete .Now u can frame it.

oil painting

This is another oil painting of mine.This painting is a complete imagination.

Usually i donot paint from imagination cause i am amatuer in painting.I don't know the rules and regulation of painting that's why whenever i try to draw something it takes completely a different shape.When i try to draw morning scenery it turns into evening.....hahaha.So i dont even take any risk.I follow reference picture whenever i paint. But in this painting i donot follow any painting or scenery as reference.

Another thing is .....i paint it before the day of my operation.I was seriously ill then.But i dare to paint it. So how is that?

My Mug

This mug was made by me .After finishing my another works of ceramic i find some pest is left.Then i thought to make something without wasting it.So i was wondering what should i made by this.And suddenly i got this idea of making a mug.But it is too little .i dont use any extra colour in it just add some straight line in it .I love it.do u?

Another painting

Yap..... here i show my another painting.The subject of this painting is not related with my native land.It is a russian village landscape.I like this painting which i collect from somewhere.Try to paint it......

The lower one is the same picture.it is finished and complete painting.upper one is not completed......

Painting of my country river...

Here i paint a village landscape.Though i am not completely satisfied with my new painting.But as an amatuer painter i tried to do something here.

This painting is about a village sorrounded by water.....may be this is the time of rainy season.In my country villages are flooded with rain water as ours is a rivereign country.Then boat is becoming the only transport.
that is what i try to paint here.

Wonderful solar eclips

last 22 july we the people of asia got the special opportunity of observing a gorgeous solar eclips.Earthlings won't see another solar eclipse like the one that darkened Asia lastmonth for another 123 years, but that's soon enough for some. Millions ventured outside to enjoy the six-minute plus blackout, with astronomy experts gathering in Shanghai (which reportedly offered the "best views"), Japanese party planners setting up a music festival for the occasion, and passengers chartering a plane in India for a closer view. The prospect of being submerged in darkness, though, unleashed old superstitions, as some shut themselves indoors, cleansed their sins in the Ganges River, or prayed against bad omens. The event may have come and gone, but video and photos abound.

These are some beautiful photos of sollar eclips which i collects from net .

my new wall hanging

i made a new wall hanging.this one is my favourite.i use white cloth for it.i added some rose using different colour.and some beads at the end of my work.i think i should make it using some different colour in next time.this types of works are very attractive.but in Bangladesh these types of products are not so available .so i was a bit worried how it will looks after finishing.but i think its not bad .isnt it?

Ceramic flowerpot

This is my ceramic flower pot .i made it.

my painting

this is my painting .though i cant draw nice painting but i want to share it with all.how is that?

ceramic penholder

this penholder is also made by ceramic.here i made 2 coconut trees with coconut.i use yellow ,brown and green colour.its making method is just like previous one.

Ceramic works of mine

this is one of my ceramic works which i have created some years before.this is my initial work. i hope i can make better in future.

it is a flower wreath .first i made some rose flower with ceramic,then made some leaf.then i add all these in a circle made of ceramic.

at last i coloured it with oil colour and varnish.

i also add some glitter in it to make it more beautiful.