Earring holder

This is one of the tiny little jewelery organizer i have made.I made this box with jute rope.Taking a long rope i just gluing it following a circle shape.

I saw this kind of organizer in a crafts shop.i just love it for its tiny size.Coming back to my home i am trying myself to make that kind of box and i succed.

Now i am working on changing this box's design.my work is almost finished.
i will definitely show my new work after finishing my box.till then goodbye............


Anonymous said...

awsome Rumma Apu.
ekhane Dekhi tmi Onek Shilpo Kormo!!
Amar mug ta kobey pabo :(:(
dieing to get it:(


rumki said...

u will get it soon .just b patient. i needs some time to colouring it.till then wait.keep waching my blog.thanks for coming

Aero said...

Good job. Go ahead.

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